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Typical EMS concepts for OCTG & Line Pipe Plant Finishing Line


In Tab. 1 it is summarized the EMS background related to the Pipe Plants Project (EMS References updated to 2012, excluding in-progress activities).



EMS can provide assistance for all the Project Phases, including:

  •  The Conceptual Design;
  • The Feasibility Study / Business Planning;
  • The Market Study;
  • The Technological and Mechanical Layout;
  • The Equipment Specifications and evaluation of the reference performances of the production / process lines;
  • The Project Budget evaluation;
  • Operation and Maintenance Manning evaluation (number and reference skills);
  • The technical support during the Procurement, Plant Erection and Commissioning Phases, including Project Management / Project Control;
  • The Basic Engineering for Erection;
  • The development of the Quality Manual, Quality Procedures and Technical Instructions for the obtainment of the API Licence (API 5CT, API 5L);
  • The Economic / Financial assessment of the Project, in particular in case of Project Financing Structures.




The enclosed Layouts and Flow Schemes  represent the typical EMS solutions for:

  • OCTG Finishing Lines, in compliance with the latest API 5CT (9th Edition), GOST R53366 and suitable to process Premium Joints with Coupling;
  • Line Pipe Finishing Lines, in compliance with API 5L (45th Edition).


Depending on the reference Mix characteristics, Plant Capacity or available space, the Lines can be also combined in:

  • Quality / Finishing Line;
  • Heat Treatment / Quality Lines.


EMS has also developed dedicated Layouts and Flow Schemes for the OCTG Finishing Lines to comply with other reference Specifications:

  • GOST 632/80 and GOST 633/80 for Casing and Tubing respectively;
  • ARAMCO Specifications for Tubing and Casing;
  • Premium Integral Joints.



Typical EMS Layouts and Flow Schemes samples