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Assistance to the Client in searching the financing for plants and infrastructures


For FINANCING OF PLANT AND INFRASTRUCTURES, EMS can assist its clients in looking for financing sources and in preparing the suitable documentation:


  • Preparation and / or certification of the construction and production start-up budget.
  • Economic / financial assessment through the evaluation of the reference Business Plan (profit and loss account and cash flow) during the construction, start-up and during the period of financing loan repayment.
  • Evaluation of the financial indices such as IRR, NPV, ROI, ROE for the project validity estimation.
  • Scheduling of the investments and their management.
  • Assistance in Project Financing during definition, implementation and operation phases, as advisor for the Sponsor, Authorities, Borrowing Vehicles, Lenders or Banks:
    - definition of the preliminary technical and contractual documentation for reference
    - definition of the Business Plan and assessment of economic / financial validity.
    - time and cost control during construction and quotation
    - risk analysis and management
    - development of the evaluation criteria and of the contractor selection model.